This is your mentorship & community to workout, learn, & transform your body & health!
Weekly LIVE Webinars
Each month you are mentored through a topic with 4 LIVE webinars on Wednesday evenings at
8-9PM EST. All webinars are recorded and posted in your private membership site.
Supplement & Nutrition Protocols
Learn to balance, restore and nourish your body correctly. Protocols follow each month's webinar topic.
Workout Library
Move and transform your body correctly depending on your goals. Plans for building, fat loss, hormone balancing and digestive care. Along with cardio protocols to maximize fat loss.
Community Support
Meet women who are on the same path of self discovery, growth, and success with the #fitlife. Group webinars & FB group.
Private Membership Site
One convenient place where all protocols, programs and recorded webinars are kept for you to access anytime you'd like.
Self Growth
Success with living a fit life begins in the mind, with growth of who you are as a person and what you believe you are worthy of. 
What's Inside?
Topic for Sept 2017 >> Detoxification
Detoxing is not something you do, it's happening all the time within your body. But there are key times throughout the year that you can up regulate these systems and allow your body the ability to really flush excess toxins.
JOIN US as we go through an actual comprehensive detox protocol. Along with the knowledge and insight behind WHY you should detox and what you should detox out.
Aug 2017 >> Nutrition
July 2017 >> Digestion
May 2017 >> Hormones
April 2017 >> Fit Mindset
Good vibes from great souls:
Hi, I'm Sara!
I could start by introducing myself with all my titles and accomplishments in the fitness industry, thinking that gives me leverage for you to see me as an authority. 
But you know what...?

I'm just a girl, like you, who wants to feel good about my body, about my life and about my process. So it doesn't matter what I've accomplished, I'm just an average girl who's passionate about being fit and loving life in the process.

Since 2011 I've dedicated my life to helping women lose weight, balance their bodies and feel good about themselves again. 
To feel sexy and in control again!

Join our community as I do LIVE webinars for you, mentoring you through mindset, teaching you how your body works, using nutrients and carbs to work with your body, supplement protocols to balance and heal... and soooo much more.

People focus too hard on their external shell, when in reality focusing on the internal, both body and mind, is the ultimate way to transform and shape you, in any way you desire.

Grow with me,
- Sara Fennell
Holistic Nutritionist
Master Personal Trainer
International Fitness & Cover Model
Contributing writer for numerous fitness magazines
Is This Community Right For you?

- You're looking for personal growth in your life
- Tired of yo yo dieting
- Hungry for knowledge about how your body works
- No BS kinda chats about what it takes to be fit
- Support from like-minded people
- Ready for a personal journey of self love & self discovery
- Full protocol workouts that truly challenge you
- Find balance and peace in your life
- Heal your body from the inside out
- Develop a growth mindset

- This is not a quick fix
- Your body does not transform in a week or even a month
- There will be challenges and struggles
- You will fall down and feel defeated at times
- Life will get in the way
- You will doubt yourself

But it's ok...... we have each other!

Your Monthly Membership Fee Includes
LIVE weekly webinar calls (different topic each month)
Library of all current & past recorded webinars 
Workout Library (full 4 week training protocols)
Cardio protocols for fat loss
Supplement protocols for balancing and healing
Nutrition protocols to support balancing and healing
Q&A period during LIVE webinars
Email & community support
Content in video or downloadable PDF format
Special intro pricing $9.99/month (for life)
Q: How does a membership site work?
A: Upon signing up you will receive an email with a link to create your login information to the site. A membership site is a database of information to help you on your journey of transformation. 
Q: How long does my membership last?
A: Your membership is on a month to month basis. You are welcome to cancel at anytime, there is no minimum commitment. Upon cancellation of your membership you will no longer have access to the membership site. 
Q: Do I need a gym for the monthly workouts?
A: The fat loss workouts do require a few pieces of equipment (bench, dumbbells, stability ball). These can be done at home with a few items. The muscle building workouts will require gym equipment and sufficient amount of weight in order to create that force and resistance on the muscle to change and grow.
Q: What if I can't make the webinars LIVE?
A: All webinars are recorded and uploaded to the membership site the following day. 
Q: What if I can't do certain exercises or have mobility issues?
A: The workouts are not customized, it is up to you to know your limitations and avoid movements that you cannot do. 
Q: Will I be receiving meal plans?
A: There will be nutrition protocols to follow certain topics and healing protocols, this can include sample meal plans or ways of eating. But there will not be monthly meal plans. This journey is to teach you how to eat for your goals and balancing. 
Q: What if I am on medication or under the care of a health practitioner for medical issues, can I do the supplement and nutrition protocols?
A: The protocols given are for information purposes, it is always advised to ask your medical practitioner whether these protocols inhibit or help the care you are currently being consulted for.